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Our Mandate

As an established internet provider and champion of broadband expansion in Oklahoma, Sooner Wireless is passionate about bringing reliable and affordable internet connectivity to rural residents, for whatever their needs: small business and farming operations, education, recreation and entertainment, or casual browsing and emailing.

We believe that universal broadband access to fast internet service is critical to the economic growth, diversification, and future prosperity in the rural regions of Oklahoma.

Sooner Wireless History

Sooner Wireless was formed in 2011 by Jeff Burnham in response to the growing demand for affordable internet connectivity and to provide high speed wireless access to rural households and firms across the Norman Region.

Sooner Wireless builds its own towers and deploys the latest in Metro-Wide Wireless Networking equipment to deliver high-speed Internet to underserved rural markets.

Distributed from 30 towers mainly built and owned by Sooner Wireless, it’s current network is quite extensive covering the following zip codes:

73010, 73020, 73026, 73068, 73069, 73071, 73072, 73093, 73135, 73139, 73149, 73150, 73160, 73165, 73170, 74801, 74851, 74852, 74857, 74873.

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