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Custom Computers

Sooner Wireless can build custom computers to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a great internet machine or a super gaming computer Sooner Wireless has the solution.  Our builds are tailored to your needs at a price comparable to or better than local electronics stores including hardware and software support.

The 4 categories below are a starting point for your custom computer.

•  Desktop PC

•  Workstation

•  Home Theater

•  Gaming PC

Filling out the form below will give us a better idea of your preferences in addition to your primary use goals. Some component choices have been intentionally left out as they are determined by the choice of your main components.

Custom Computers

Burnham Investments LLC, License #9367

Free Custom Computer Quote

Have questions about building a Custom computer? We would love to hear about your dream PC, and are happy to provide a free estimate and answer any questions.

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  • Determines Motherboard & Processer
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