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Why You'll Love Sooner Wireless

Whether its for home or for business, you’ll love Sooner Wireless because we offer wireless internet that is affordable, reliable, fast and has no monthly limits. We offer many packages to choose from so you can be assured you are not paying for what you’re not using.

You will also love the flexibility our wireless internet provides just like a WiFi with the ability to use numerous devices while maintaining the desired level of security

No Limits Internet

Rural internet options are often very limited. The most common choices for internet in the country are satellite, hotspots, or dialup. It’s hard to find an internet provider that offers enough bandwidth to use your favorite applications. Most internet providers in rural areas have data caps, preventing you from using higher bandwidth applications on a regular basis.

Sooner Wireless offers rural No Limits Internet that is better than all the other options. Our no limits internet provides better latency allowing you to easily stream movies and play online video games.

If you’re looking for internet that is better than satellite, hotspots, or dialup, then you need Sooner Wireless.

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Metro or Rural, we offer reliable Oklahoma high speed internet providing in-home WiFi for gaming, streaming music and movies, and surfing the internet.


We offer reliable Oklahoma high speed internet for your metro or rural enterprise or small business with local, professional grade installation and service.

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No Limits Internet is better than all the other options because you can easily stream movies and play online video games.

What Our Customers Say

They do a great job. Very responsive and when we have storms they work long and hard to get service restored. They keep customers informed and their staff is always courteous and helpful. I am a 4 year customer and this has not changed. I am very pleased with how hard they work to ensure customers are taken care of as quickly as possible.

Tj Murphy

Bad storm that came thru Sat knocked out my internet, contacted Sooner and they troubleshooted my router. The lighting fried my router, went and got a new one, called them and they had me up and running. They are the best

Debbie Ward

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